Winning at Risk

Winning at RiskWinning at Risk might be easy by learning some basic tips you win most of your Poker games. But when it comes to the expert level of play, you need to take your game up a notch.

When playing with other players of great skill, the game becomes like Poker. You don’t play your hand, you play your opponent. Winning at Risk might be tricky sometimes.

In Risk your layout, your bonuses are much less important when you are playing with others who can take advantage of every weakness on the board. So instead you need to take advantage of the weakness in the player. Are they hot headed? Reserved? Can they be frazzled with some banter? Winning at Risk might be easy right.

Winning at Risk, one of the best strategies is to pit the other players against each other. Make yourself seem weak, and let others do the dirty work of breaking bonuses. It’s all about letting one player get too powerful on another players borders. Darwinism takes over from there and you have often left to pick up the aftermath.

When playing with escalating cards you need to resist the temptation to go ‘all in’ too early. Many players are not patient and try to snap up bonuses in the first few rounds. The patient knows when to hold them and when to double down on a set of cards. It’s often easy to see the immaturity of your opponent in the first few rounds and know you have them beat from there.

So play the player and not the board and you will be knocking off those veterans in no time. Winning at Risk might be very easy and sweet.