Playing Risk online daily – That’s my life

Playing Risk onlineMy name is Mike Dion. I have been a board game enthusiast for 30 years. I started playing Risk with my friends when I was young and have been hooked since. I have collected most of the variations of the board game up until the last few years. I started playing Risk online a few years ago and have since been hooked. The rule variation and competition available is a great way to experiment and extend the experience.

I started in order to catalog and review the different online Risk playing websites that seemed to be appearing up all the time. My hope is that gamers can get together and enjoy a great time playing RISK online at any time at their convenience.

While playing Risk online during all these years, I have reviewed every Risk game site I come across. Periodically go back to re-review these sites to see if there is an improvement. I am looking for the best site to play Risk online. If you would like to invite to re-review, just let me know.

You can contact me at [email protected]